zozex-weedZozex Drink consists of Red Panax Ginseng and Rose Root (Rhodeola Rosea). Both are powerful ingredients for energy boost, libido improvement, stamina, athletic performance and relaxation in stressful times. It contributes to a better sexdrive.


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs describe that our primary needs are physiological. We need air, water, food, sleep, sex to keep us alive. It is our instinct to provide in these needs otherwise we cannot survive. So sex is just as important to us as food and liquid and will remain a huge factor in all our lives. Everything we undertake in our lives is to be lead back to our primary needs. According to Maslow’s theory, a non-satisfied primary need can lead to a decrease of the human species and it’s possibilities. A person can only grow in self-realisation when he obtains a minimal satisfaction in the primary needs. We all love good food and drinks. We spend money on special and healthy foods and we sometimes treat ourselves to a lovely dinner.

So why not invest in quality of your intimate moment? It is one of your primary needs!


The Red Panax Ginseng root relaxes the blood vessel to increase bloodfow. This results in more sensation in the genitals when aroused. Men experience harder erections which hold longer. Women experience a faster sense of arousal, more natural vaginal lubrication and a more sensitive clitoris.

The Rose Root is responsible for improving mood and relaxation. It has a positive effect on serotonine and dopamine levels which uplift your mood and eases to give in to your passion and lust. Both men and women experience a more intense feeling of desire.


For an optimal effect on mind and body it is best to use Zozex Drink on a frequent base. Your body has to get used to its new state. Although you will probably feel its effect almost directly (after one hour),your body needs to adapt to the effects of the adaptogens (Ginseng and RoseRoot).

Zozex Drink is most effective when used once every two days.




Root of liferhodiola

Panax Ginseng has a rich history in Oriental Medicine. Traditional Chinese medics think of it as the most important medical herb there is. Panax can be used for many ailments, some even call it “Root of life”. As versatile as this herb is, it is mostly know for its’ quality to stimulate the sexual appetite.


The popularity of Ginseng has not been unnoticed by Western scientist. They have studied and tested its’ potency boost qualities. Scientists discovered that the Ginsenosides were responsible for the direct influence it has on the genitals. Ginsenosides are the functional substances in the root. They relaxe the bloodvessels which boosts the bloodflow. This results eg in more feeling in the genitals when arroused.

Libido boost for MEN and WOMEN

In so called “double blind”experiments- both examiner and patient don’t know wether they use a functional substance or a placebo during the procedures- was evident that Panax Ginseng improves the sex drive in both men and women. Men have better erections. The penis is harder en more sensitive. Women get arroused easier and have more lubrication and a more sensitive clitoris.

This makes Zozex THE perfect erotic booster for every love couple.

Valuable Productrhodiola123

The productionproces of Panax Ginseng is delicate. This is because the plant is very demanding. It only flourishes in shady territory.. Therefor the farmland has to have good drainage, sufficient protenction against wind and a vegetable mould. The plant reaches its’maturity at 6 to 7 years. After harvesting the soil needs to be kept fallow because the root of the Panax absorbes all the minerals present in the ground.

3 years of drying

The process is not finished after harvest. The root needs to dry preferably in the sun. This happens in a traditional way to boost the sexual stimulant quality. This is the root we use for our product. We only select the best!