Why settle for a sexual experience purely based on the physical when you can have it in mind aswell as in body? Prescription drugs to facilitate an erection will give you the bodily effect you want, but does it help you to create stamina and endurance so you can fully enjoy the moment? For this reason natural substitutes are the most sought for alternatives. As a man you want something to give you energy, get your juices flowing and to give you the power to keep it going as long as is desired. The ingredients in Zozex consists of a mixture of Panax Ginseng and Rose Root. Both are known for their ability to give that “little” extra to start re-enjoying one of lifes biggest needs.


For a woman to reach ultimate enjoyment it takes several environmental factors aswell as physical stages to ensure an orgasm. In a busy and hectic life where jobs, family and social status it is sometimes hard to find that relaxing time in which a relaxed atmospere in the bedtime is also possible. Stress can really put our sexdrive on a hold. Next to the important environmental issues we also need the body to cooperate with what we want. Dopamine and serotonine are very important neurotransmitters for desire, longing and for reaching an orgasm. Zozex Rose root works on the dopamine function in the brain which is responsable for increasing your sexdrive and and sense of relaxation.