When crossing a certain age most men start to encounter changes in their sexlife. Most men say their erections change and ejaculation becomes less self-evident. These changes sometimes set in at the age of 40 but become more present when crossing the age of 50.

It takes more time and energy to have an erection and the quality of enjoyment diminishes. Sexual fantasies have less impact and more prominent is that it’s easier to get distracted e.g. by noise.

Research has shown that diabetes is a large factor in these physiological and mental bothers. 35 to 50 percent of men experience erectile dysfunction because of this ailment.

Here is why Zozex can help you if you have the same experiences. Asian as well as American Ginseng is used to treat Diabetes type 2. However is not known in which way it has a positive effect on diabetes, research has shown that it decreases the speed with which carbon hydrates are absorbed by the body and that it helps the glucose transport and the transmission of insulin. Especially the Asian Ginseng that is used in Zozex (Korean Red Panax) helps to improve erectile dysfunction (ED) which is that common problem in men that have diabetes.

Women experience more changes than men when hitting a certain age (40-50). Menopause causes hormone levels to get a different balance which has numerous unpleasant side-effects. The production of oestrogen gets less which results in a fewer blood flow to the sexorgan. This often means a lower sexdrive because the vagina is less lubricated and therefore more vulnerable.  This causes discomfort which is also a reason why some women feel less urge to have sex.

Besides the effect of oestrogen changes there is another hormone that has influence on the female libido which is testoron. Testosterone is responsible for the sexdrive in both men and women.  Menopause decreases the testosterone level which also results in a lower sexual appetite.

So here’s why Zozex can help you fight these discomforts and help you to give your sexlife that boost you want. Red panax Ginseng increases the blood flow to the pubis, which results in more lubrication and sensitivity. Rose Root helps to reduce stress giving you the ability to focus on your desire whether as to your worries. In a way it gives you that little nudge you need to give in to your desires and lust. 

"The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man..."